Lisa Valdes Romero

SMASH Director

Lisa Valdes, is founder of SMASH & Vegas Stiletto Fitness, a Las Vegas native.  Lisa studied from early childhood at Fern Adair Conservatory of the arts in ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics.  She was a cheerleader & competing gymnast. Later she trained in ballroom, salsa and belly dance.  She won numerous salsa competitions and performed professionally for many Las Vegas hotel/casinos, corporate, and community events. Some of her career highlights include providing entertainment for the famous former Vegas magicians, Siegfried & Roy and touring with the famous Latin Star, El General. She was also lead dancer/choreographer for performing show band, “Suave” at the Las Vegas Tropicana Hotel.  Lisa directed the dance troupe “Latin Desert Girls” and was a salsa performer for the Sin City Salseros.

"I was super shy as a child, and dancing is what helped my confidence as I grew up, so it had always been a passion of mine to teach others confidence through dance" ~Lisa

Lisa started the first dance program for the Clark County Libraries recreation center. She was awarded & recognized by Clark County, NV Parks & Recreation for her dedication. She also lived in Miami for a few years and taught kids cheer, bellydance, & Salsa at Goodlet Park Theater of Hialeah. In 2005 she returned to Las Vegas and for 5 years she ran SMASH, a cultural dance/fitness/ & martial arts studio. SMASH was recognized by Senator Reid in Nevada for supporting cultural types of dance classes Now Lisa manages over 30 SMASH programs, a staff of over 10 instructors, and herself teaches Latin Rhythms, ZUMBA, ZUMBA Sentao, Bellydance Fitness, SMASH children classes, & her own national brand she created called Vegas Stiletto Fitness.

Lisa Valdes is active in many charitable organizations in San Antonio where they now reside. Lisa is the founder of "SMASH Dance Project " organization to help raise funds in order to offer community events and scholarships for at risk youth so that no one is denied the opportunity to get fit or take lessons in the arts. In Las Vegas she helped raise over $2000 for Nevada homeless youth and now in Texas she volunteers teaching Zumba to Moms who are going through drug/alcohol rehabilitation. Proceeds from SMASH performances are also given back to community organizations.

Our mission is to help youth & adults achieve their fitness goals, teach our instructors to give back by sharing their own talents with others, and give our students the opportunity to use their energy in a positive outlet through the expression of dance & fitness.  We work hard to accomplish this through SMASH.

Ms. Aisha M.

SMASH Daycare Creative Dance Instructor

Aisha M. is excited to be part of the staff at SMASH where she can finally combine her love of teaching children and performance art. In addition to 3 years as a preschool teacher at an area daycare, she is also an accomplished singer, actress and dancer having performed in regional commercials, various music revues and in local theater productions around the city including San Pedro Playhouse, Josephine Theater and Jumpstart Theater. She is also the founder and artistic director of The Girls of S.A.S.S, a performance group rapidly making a name for themselves with their brand of style and community service. She is the director of our SMASH Daycare Creative Dance programs of San Antonio and is an independent instructor for our Vegas Stiletto Fitness program. She is also a certified Fitness Pole Instructor.

Ms. Ana M.

SMASH Artistic Director/VSF,XB Kickboxing & UBC Instructor

SMASH DANCE Instructor
Hi, My name is Ana Macy, and I have always love to dance but it wasn't until I became part of the Coyote Ugly Saloon & started performing that I knew it was something I truly wanted to succeed in. I was a "Coyote" for 2 years, traveled & met so many people that inspired me & vise versa. A few years later I came across SMASH! I LOVED the name so I did some research & that's when I knew I wanted to be a part of SMASH :) I went to the studio and applied for a job. Shortly after, I got certified to teach Vegas Stiletto Fitness & XB kickboxing, which Vegas Stiletto Fitness is also the same founder to SMASH :D I just recently got another certification in Urban Boot camp (UBC), which is a hip hop tone boot camp class! I absolutely LOVE SMASH and everything it represents. Lisa, the founder, has helped me in more ways than one and I am grateful to call SMASH My Family. From the Students to the Instructors, everyone just makes you feel so welcomed and loved! I now Manage & Teach here at SMASH and I Love Inspiring Everyone as much as they Inspire Me! From the kids to the adult classes it is such a great feeling knowing that you can make a Positive change in someone's life :)

Ms. Amy E.

SMASH Hip Hop Crew Director

AMY E. SMASH Hip Hop instructor
Amy E. hiphop and popper: has been dancing her whole life. She started getting serious about it 2years ago after winning numerous competitions including, stxym(south Texas youth ministries) kapa tau(college division), district fine arts 2011 competition (awarded merit, a highest score u can have) Nations fine arts competition kapa tau(college division) awarded merit 2011. She was the fine arts director and coordinator for 4 years and worked with Hype Sacada for over a year as assistant choreographer and dancer (may '10) *Art camp in summer of '11 as the Hip Hop choreographer & Back up dancer for Jackie Carter who opened up for Pastor and gospel singer Marvin Sapp. This young super talented instructor is loved by the SMASH students as she shares her talents with them and guides them in very creative hip hop dance moves. MS. AMY TEACHES EVERY SATURDAY AT 12:00PM!

Ms.Daphne B.

Kids Hip Hop Instructor

Daphne G. SMASH DANCE Instructor
Daphne B. dancer/singer/guitar player/choreographer is one of the youngest of the SMASH Dance family. She was first introduced to dancing when she was 7 years old being enrolled in a summer jazz class at North Vista College. From that time on, she started performing around family and friends. She then joined the Hype Group of San Antonio dancing among selected young teens to perform in an audience around Texas. Her biggest influencing factors are Brian Puspos, Ian Eastwood, Olivia “Chachi” Gonzales, Usher, Justin Bieber, and of course the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. She continues to choreograph dance routines at studios when invited but enjoys her time mostly with her regular Hip Hop dancers at SMASH! This up & coming rising star teaches her amazing hip hop moves to her SMASH students with a lot of patience and passion, the kids absolutely look up to her.

Mr. Kevin B.

Breakdancing Instructor

SMASH Dance Breakdancing Intructor
My name is Kevin Brewster, my dance name is Bboy KidRaw. I am from nXg Dance Crew located in San Antonio, Tx. Our crew's message is to inspire the youth and create innovative ways to build up our community. I have whole heartedly embodied this ideology. I have traveled to different cities across Texas competing, teaching, and learning. I have collaborated with artist ranging from gospel singers to graphic designers. I have choreographed several pieces for events at Traders Village, Debuts, and dance recitals. I strive to bring out the best in every student that I teach. Overall I want to make sure that the youth understands the importance of unity, peace, and confidence that dance brings.

Mr. Albert E.

Zumba Gold Instructor

Albert. E Zumba instructor
Albert started his fitness career in Chinese Kenpo Karate to help stay fit and keep active. He also graduated from Our Lady of the Lake University with a degree in Liberal Arts. During that same time, he proudly served in the Texas Army National Guard, Mechanized Infantry Unit, last position as Company Commander, Captain. Later he trained in ballroom and then discovered and fell in love with Zumba.

He is certified in Zumba Basic, Zumba Toning, Zumba Gold, and Zumba Gold/Toning. Zumba Toning combines the excitement of Zumba Basic with body-sculpting exercises and Latin infused music. The students have an opportunity to use Zumba toning sticks to benefit the muscle developing aspect. Zumba Gold modifies the moves and pacing to suit the needs of the active older participant as well as those beginners just starting their journey to a fit lifestyle. Zumba Gold Toning combines the exhilarating experience of a Zumba Fitness Party with the benefits of safe and effective strength training. All this combined with a hot Latin beat still makes it a party.

Ms. Christine H.

Zumba Instructor

Christine H. Zumba Intructor
Hello I'm Christine Marie, I grew up in New Jersey and moved to Texas to pursue my masters degree in cellular biology. I have loved dancing from the young age of 4 but I truly fell in love with Zumba about four years ago when I moved to Texas. Before I found zumba I was a competitive figure skater for 10 years. Zumba has quickly become a passion of mine and I love teaching and seeing people enjoy working out. One Zumba class is never the same. Every instructor is different; music styles and choreography changes constantly which keeps it new and exciting. Working out is essential for life and there is definitely some workout out there that you can enjoy, I encourage exploring. SMASH is an amazing studio with many great instructors, styles, and a huge variety of classes. I felt extremely welcomed from the first time I walked through the doors and I know you all will as well.

Ms. Wendy A.

Adult Hip Hop Instructor

SMASH DANCE Hip Hop Instructor
Wendy has been dancing since the age of six and has loved dance for as long as she can remember. She has been formally trained in Hip Hop, Jazz, Modern and Hawaiian and loves any and ALL styles of dance. She is also a certified Vegas Stiletto Fitness instructor. Wendy has taught everything from Contemporary Jazz to adult fitness classes, to coaching youth cheerleading. She has been choreographing and teaching Hip Hop in various studios for 8 years and is happy to call SMASH home. Wendy feels blessed to be able to do what she loves and share her passion for dance with others.

Mrs. Rhoda G.

Kickboxing/Kettlebell Instructor

SMASH Dance instructor
Hey everyone, my name is Rhoda! From a vey early age I've always had a love for fitness and sports. Growing up I played on pretty much every sports team my school offered. After high school I graduated from the Virginia Institute of health and healing as a massage therapist. After graduating from there my husband and I moved to Texas where I've worked in childcare for the past nine years. When I started coming to Smash, I knew I was looking for a career change but I didn't know Id find it here! I was able to merge my love of fitness and my knowledge of the body into becoming a kickboxing instructor. I enjoy every aspect of
teaching my class but mostly I enjoy the people who come here and make me feel like part of the family. Everyone who comes here is ready to work out hard, so it makes being an instructor feel very easy. I hope to leave everyone I meet feeling better about their body and motivated to come back every week stronger. I'm thankful every day I can do a job I love and I'm grateful to Smash for providing not only that opportunity, but the positive changes it made for me as a person! "When in doubt, dance it out!"

Mark Anthony

Zumba Instructor

Zumba changed my life.....I'm Mark Anthony Solis .I was born here in San Antonio Texas but moved to Sacramento California at age 3 and was raised there all my life until I came back to San Antonio about 15years ago now to be closer to family.i have been overweight most of my life constantly struggling to lose weight.i always figured I was living the best life possible although extremely overweight. I was wrong ! just over 4 years ago now on a dare I tried Zumba.i remember not being able to get passed the warm up song without stopping out of breath.i eventually finished that first class but not before stopping about five more times. i instantly fell in love with Zumba even though I had never danced before in my life except the senior see its not easy for someone who was 450 pounds to body had to catch up to my mind as far as the passion I discovered.what started as a dare slowly over time turned into a habit then a passion and now a way of life incorporated into my daily I am happy to share the passion that changed my life allowing me to lose 176 pounds to date with no diet or no products.yes I mildly watch my intake with all foods and drinks but no set diet.just a lot of zumba and lifting weights.what I strive to show when I share my passion of zumba with you is to have fun in class while getting a workout.the same formula that grabbed my attention when I first started.i zumba for you I zumba for me and perhaps along the way we can smile and laugh and get our cardio for the happy to be part of the smash family now.i hope you can visit my class soon.peace love zumba

Ms. Yessika Gamboa

Kids Dance Instructor

Yessica. G Dance Instructor
Yessika Gamboa, Singer, Dancer, and Actress. Yessika is the daughter of SMASH director , Lisa. Yessika has been performing since the age of 4 winning numerous pageant competitions. Trained in ballet and gymnastics at Fern Adair Conservatory, acting & singing workshops at M&A Management, Commercial workshops at Robert Feldman Productions, Kickboxing at Master Toddy’s Studio, and vocal and recording training with V&V Production, Hi-Rollers Production, and i.mar Entertainment. In addition was invited to sing for various Las Vegas Hispanic events, kidz mania, and Harrahs Hotel Cinco De Mayo Fiesta. All this before the age of 12. This multi-talented performer went on to Miami and was part of Miami’s elite singing, drama, and captain of the dance team and was named Student Of The Year for Miami’s Goodlet Park Cultural Program. Yessika was a regular performer for the big brother big sister association where she was also invited to sing for South Beach 9-11 tribute and a featured singer and dancer in the city of Hialeah, FL 4th of July celebration for the mayor. After returning as a 2006 American Idol Seattle Washington Contestant, She went on to win 1st place for her high school’s Version of the contest “Liberty Idol” in 2007. Yessika started the first SMASH dance team in 2008 and was acknowledged for her diverse routines, took her dance team to win numerous competitions, and was asked to have her dance team open for the 2008 & 2009 Salsa Congress Show at the Tropicana Hotel. Yessika was also a National Anthem singer for the Summer All Stars Basket Ball games at UNLV. Yessika speacializes in teaching Hiphop. Jazz, Musical Theater, & Creative Dance. She also choreographs Quinceaneras, Sweet 16’s, Debuts, & Wedding First dances. She is a graduate of Los Angeles Recording School broadening her career as a music engineer. Yessika currently resides in Las Vegas and is a production coordinator for the House of Blues at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. She is also the Artistic Director for Broadway Kids by SMASH at Broadway Hall Studio in Las Vegas.